200 Club

Are you feeling lucky?
Then why not become one of our 200 club members? There’s still room and the jackpot is growing! For £5 a month you could be a lucky winner of up to £500, to enter please download 2 copies of the standing order form and send one copy to your bank and one copy to Jean Davies at davnetball@aol.com

To be involved in the draw you must get your standing order form to your bank before the 15th of the month so that your £5 is in the Carly Taylor Trust Fund 200 account well before the draw night.

  • The draw will take place at Saints Netball Cornwall’s Tuesday training session, the last Tuesday of each month
  • £5 standing order must be received into the 200 club by the 15th of the month.
  • If we do not have the full membership when we start the takings will be shared equally – 50% – to Carly’s Trust Fund 50% to the winner
  • If there are 200 members, £500 each month will stay in the Carly Trust Fund account and one lucky winner will receive £500
  • If there are more than 200 members then the winner receives £500 and the rest stays in the Carly Taylor Trust Fund account.

So if you’re feeling lucky, get your standing order sent to the bank and be in it to win it!

You can download the standing order by clicking HERE.

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