24 Hour Bale Push

A Massive Thank you to all the boys who gave up their time for 24 hours to push in the Marathon Bale Push raising funds for Carly’s Trust. Adam, James, Nelly Josh, Kerry, Steve, Turner and Jon, it was such a kind gesture and to all the others who helped push and apologies for not naming everyone one of you, but we are very grateful. Also to Hannah and Nicola who made the Bacon Butties and Pasta Bake keeping them all well nourished, the Bale Push committee who have worked with the boys helping with the organising, promoting and supporting their 24 hour record. The encouragement from supporters who popped in to see them and the wonderful donations from the village and local area were all once again truly amazing. No amount of Thank yous seem to capture what we truly feel to everyone but it is meant most sincerely. Money is still coming in but approx. £2000 has been raised.95795bf8-036c-4fd5-9441-cabf29564561

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