24 Hour Bale Push

Keep Calm and Carry on Pushing for Carly – for 24 hours.

A team of eight super-fit surfers, life guards and family, are planning to set a world record by rolling a big straw bale for a non-stop twenty-four hours over a record breaking distance, all in support of seriously injured Carly Taylor from Crantock. On September 12/13th a world-beating attempt will take place on Crantock Village Playing Field aiming to once again raise funds in support of Carly Taylor who was so seriously injured in a tragic fall in 2011. Following last year’s fund raising success of a 12-hour marathon bale push, a huge ‘24 hour Endurance and Distance’ record breaking attempt is planned as a further Fund Raising event.  ‘On September 12/13th, our world-beating attempt will take place on Crantock Village Playing Field aimed at once again raising funds,’ said Kerry Drewett, spokesman for the 24 hour Bale Push Endurance team. Sadly, Carly Taylor seriously damaged three vertebrae in her neck and also severely cut and crushed her spinal cord, spending 7 months in Odstock Hospital, Salisbury receiving very specialist treatment. ‘Carly has a strong compassionate team of friends and family members who have known Carly throughout the years and who are still determined to help Carly with her continuous rehab,’ said Adam Taylor, Carly’s brother. ‘ Since last year’s amazing efforts and a generous donation from the Crantock Bale Push committee Carly was able to purchase specialised equipment enabling her to travel up to a dedicated spinal treatment centre in Cambridge.’ With the continued support of fund raising, Carly has managed to set up her own gym. This ongoing commitment needs to be fully supported with private funding. With that aim, this year’s mad crew of individuals for the 24-hour Bale Push Marathon is: Nelly Webber (Carly’s boyfriend), James Taylor (Carly’s Dad), Adam Taylor (Carly’s brother), Kerry Drewett, Josh Lord, Jonny Alcock, Steve Peck and Turner Moyse. ‘I am so very grateful and delighted that the guys are preparing to cover this incredible 24 hour marathon bale push,’ said Carly. ‘The support is once again quite amazing. I am also so very grateful for the previous donation by last year’s Crantock Bale Push and everyone’s kind donations which has enabled me to continue with my much needed Rehabilitation.’ Many fundraising events are taking place to support Carly Taylors long term needs. These include a Trust Fund, which has been started by Carly’s friends at the Saints Netball Club in Truro. Also, Gloucester University Netball Club and many others are all working to support of Carly’s needs. For inspiration and information please read Carly’s Blog on: www.carlytaylorfightingback.co.uk  Many will also remember the incredible ‘7 Marathons in 7 Days’ event when Carly’s boyfriend Nelly ran from Crantock Village to Salisbury to raise funds for Spinal Research.  ‘Carly has many friends in Cubert and Crantock, some are involved in Surfing and Surf Life-saving,’ continued Kerry. ‘Eight of us, all surfing friends and two National Rugby players including Carly’s boy friend Nelly and Josh Lord, are now planning this huge effort to push a full sized straw Bale non-stop for 24 hours aiming to create this whole new Record.’  ‘We are all regular participants in the annual Crantock Bale Push fund-raising event, this year to be held on the same day as we finish our 24 hours effort. We are taking that basic idea and hoping to create a whole new endurance and distance entry in the famous Guinness Book of Records.!’  ‘After completing their incredible 24 Hours Endurance Push, they are then aiming to join more than 100 other Bale Push teams taking part, that same evening, in our 14th annual Crantock Bale Push event,’ said Crantock Bale Push spokesman Rick Hopkins. ‘This amazing physical challenge in support of Carly Taylor deserves everyone’s support.’ ‘The annual Crantock Bale Push is a quarter of a mile race, where teams of four roll a Straw Bale around the heart of the village of Crantock, all timed against a clock. The aim is once again, to raise funds in support of many local and Cornish Charities.’

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