So tomorrow I am off to hospital for my operation to remove the cysts on my spinal cord. I’m sharing this info as I’ve mentioned previously in my blogs about this op. I’m petrified at the fact I’m facing my fears of going into hospital as the last time I was in theatre the odds were pretty low and I woke up to a different me. With a 50/50 chance of this op being successful I’d be pretty stupid to turn down this opportunity as I know if I didn’t go through with it I would be kicking myself. Most people are scared of ops and I know I’m not the only one…I just hope when I wake up I will have the same movement I fell asleep with. I am a risk taker but if this operation is going to help my future then bring it on. I have ample support from my family & friends and I’ve cried enough tears to make a lake, I just want this story to be over with but it’s just another battle not just for me but my loving family & friends too. I’m not going to give up, I’m afraid, emotional and nervous but with all the help I can be strong ximage

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  1. Rachel Hobson says:

    Let us know how you have got on Carly!
    I presume you have seen the paralysed man in the news today who has had breakthrough treatment in Poland where they transplanted olfactory cells into his spine? I am sure you will be watching Panorama tonight…hope on the horizon! The charity that were supporting the treatment was the David Nicholls Foundation….I expect you know all of this, but I thought of you the moment I saw it. Fingers crossed you are OK after your surgery, & fingers crossed that in the future you get a chance like this man has had, all the best,

    Rachel xx

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