Hello Miami

So tomorrow is the day, the past 5 years have been building up to! The day I’ve been simultaneously waiting for and getting rather nervous about. The day I go back to Miami to be part of ground breaking research into hand movement. Two days ago I was feeling sorry for myself and rather anxious about going away and then I thought ‘Carly what are you doing?!’ Your lucky enough to have this opportunity, you have such a great support group around you, you’re healthy as you can be and you’ve desperately wanted this since your accident. So after pondering on this for a little bit, I felt 100% better and I can’t wait to get over to Miami and work my butt off!
These hard working 5 years aren’t just about me, but about my friends and family around me as well. Its not just my journey, it’s our journey and our journey has come with a lot of bumps in the road, sadness and happiness. I can’t thank you enough for everyone’s continued support.
I’ve realised happiness isn’t this magical thing which some people are blessed with, it isn’t something that comes naturally to a few lucky people, its not situational or dependent on circumstance. In fact it’s something you create for yourself and something you work at every single day. I’m hoping Miami will bring myself, family and friends the happiness I’ve been constantly searching for and never giving up on. Although I’m going into the unknown and it scares me a little, I feel confident I’m doing the right thing as if I didn’t grab this opportunity I know its something I would regret. It’s a month of my life that could potentially change a lot of things…so with all my good vibes, I definitely have this!
Life tip: Always do the thing that scares you.

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  1. Rosemary Williams says:

    Good luck Carly, wishing you well and hope you get everything out of your trip you are hoping for.

    Years ago you were in Cubert pantomime as a fairy and I was the big fairy ‘fairy rosebud’. I have two children Luke who is now 40 and Sarah 37, I don’t know if you remember me.

    Enjoy your experience and I wish you well.

    Rosemary Williams xx

  2. Caron Lawton says:

    The very best of luck Carly and I hope you get what you came for – and don’t forget to enjoy Miami !!

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