life goes on.

3 years ago today my life took a traumatic life changing turn…I became paralysed from a fall. I had many ups and downs in my past but none could compare and prepare me to living with a spinal cord injury. I find writing my thoughts and feelings down in blogs easier  than talking face to face about it and I brush off talking about the struggles I come across on a daily basis due to the fact I don’t want people to take pity on me. But in all honestly life is tough. Learning to cope with carers being a big part of my life at 22 was heartbreaking. How the independence on the control of when and how I dress, brush my hair, wash myself has now completely gone. Learning how my body is now working and accepting that many things I took for granted such as walking, standing, holding, touching, coughing, going to the toilet have drastically changed and these are only a few. I’ve learnt that being in a wheelchair is one of the easiest problems I have with a spinal cord injury. Ive had to figure out even though I may do a lot of things differently in my life I am still me and trust me it’s been so hard. In the past I would normally find today extra hard and dread this sort of anniversary but having amazing friends and family in my life has given me the ability to keep going and today the 5th November is just another one of those days. So instead of crying and asking why, today I’m thankful for being here, thankful for my loving fiancé and family, thankful for my amazing friends who have stuck by me and supported me throughout these darks days and I’m also thankful for the new friends I’ve gained over the last 3 years. It’s an extraordinarily life I lead and I know it’s never going to be boring, so I have come to the conclusion I definitely live a good story.

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  1. Suzann says:

    I belong to the netball community and have been so moved by your blog and think about you often. There was a news report recently regarding a break through in spinal injuries and I immediately thought of you, I genuinely hope that what has been discovered, allows you to do again all the things that you have struggled to come to terms with and that you do walk down the aisle on the wedding day, sending love xxxxxxxxx

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