“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Since venturing to Miami back in 2014, I’ve had this ongoing love affair with this beautiful warm, sunny place; I suppose it might be due to the weather that seems to keep me happy and healthy, finding ease to be able to get around the smooth flat pavements or is it the huge positive steps they seem to make to finding a cure for paralysis. Well…whatever it is, Miami is a place I’ve called my second home.

So, January 2nd 2017, we piled up our car and drove up to London Heathrow listening to Nelly’s terrible tunes! Nervous but excited (which I seem to say a few times in my vlog at the start) our adventure begins.

I thought I’d do something different, so I decided to document my time in Miami through a vlog! I found this a challenge in itself as this was a completely new thing for me, at times talking to a camera was hard as I didn’t know what to say or know how to say it and sometimes I didn’t want to hear my dreary voice played back to me! Filming was tricky as having to rely on other people to film for you was frustrating, as being such a control freak and perfectionist I wanted it shot in certain ways! But overall vlogging was a pretty funny and enjoyable experience.

I tried to explain how the research went in the video but I found explaining the research quite hard. But it basically consisted of visiting The Miami Lois Pope Centre to cure paralysis, the study was a brain-machine interface, which was 16 laboratory visits to determine the ideal characteristics for a neuroprosthetic device that could potentially restore arm and hand movement. It was an awesome experience to be part of ground breaking research and The Miami Project is an inspiring place. It’s a place that brings people like me hope, positivity and a reason to never give up. I just wish I lived closer, as I would be there taking part in something everyday!

My heart hurts a little whilst thinking about Miami if I’m honest. It didn’t this morning when I was at the gym, it didn’t today while I was singing to Castle on the hill by Ed Sheeran in the car and it didn’t 10 minutes ago when my mum gave me a hot lemon. But while I ponder on Miami and feel sad about how much I miss it. I also feel incredibly lucky to have experienced such an awesome month and none of it would of happened without generous, supportive friends and family who get behind me to raise money for my continuing rehab which also went towards this trip. I can’t thank you enough, knowing you haven’t given up on me, strives me to keep going. So instead of me thinking I should snap out of this sad mood. Maybe just being sad is completely normal and a valid human emotion? As Miami brought the happiness I was searching for since day one of my accident. It has taught me that I was right, I’m going to get better, it’s just sad that my life lessons are greater and meant for me a whole lot more than they are meant for anyone else.

But Til next Miami, I’ll carry on making a great life story. 

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  1. Nicola Keast says:

    Another inspirational blogg/vogue Carly.
    Keep fighting.xxxx

  2. Nicola Keast says:

    Vlog! Sorry

  3. Rachel Hobson says:

    Hi Carly & Nelly,
    It is wonderful to watch your vlog to see how you got on in Miami! It looks wonderful out there & it is great that you have been able to help in the research to find a way of helping people get the use of their arms and hands back properly after paralysis.
    I was sorry to hear that you had problems with the property you stayed in not being properly accessible….
    I am always amazed at how you keep pushing forward it is so inspirational.
    All the best, take care of yourselves,

    Love from Rachel, Bob & the girls xxx

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