Nellies Marathon – Daily Blog – Day 3

Nellies Marathon – Daily Blog – Day 3
Talcum Powder Tears

Today I was lucky enough to be joined the whole way by Alex who really kept me going for the first 18 miles as I was at my lowest, I always knew this challenge was going to be physical by I really underestimated how mentally draining and emotional it was going to be! At one point I started crying for no reason what so ever then I took my glove off and wiped my tears away but instead I just filled my eyes with talcum powder so then I had something to cry about!

I am realistic enough to know that it’s going to get tougher before it gets easier but I keep the thought of seeing Carly on Friday evening at the forefront of my thoughts and that will get me through!

The last 7 miles I was joined by some old uni rugby friends and some of the Barnstaple rugby boys who have me a huge boost and got me through my toughest day so far!

Off to bed only 13.1 miles until I’m halfway!

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