Nellies Marathon – Daily Blog – Day 4

Nellies Marathon – Daily Blog – Day 4

Today I started, with great support meeting up the two of the atlantic 4 was a massive boost. Talking to the boys I was able to get a glimpse of what they were going through whilst rowing across the atlantic and they were able to give me some advise on my challenge, The one thing that they said that really stuck in my mind was to enjoy the lows as the highs after are so much better! I was joined by Swailer and Hannah for the whole day which made today a really good one leaving Barnstaple knowing that I was on number 4 was a great feeling.

I was also lucky enough to be visited along the route by Carlys aunt Kathy and cousin Gemma, which gave me a great boost but made me pretty emotional!

Hitting the half way stage was another massive milestone as Swailer said “it’s all down hill from here”.


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