Nellies Marathon – Daily Blog – Day 5

Nellies Marathon – Daily Blog – Day 5

Today was honestly one of the best days I have had in a long while, I was able to not think about running 26.2 miles but rather just enjoy the day with Jeffers and Ali! Mays the human duke box kept us singing for most of the day when the running was hard. We all got through it with banter and chatting 8 hours of running gone in the blink of and eye! Paddy Raver chip and Trott who are great friends made today truly special. I get loads of people saying that I am doing something really great however I think that Carly is the one doing something really great me running is the simplest thing to do put one foot in front of another.

This challenge is passing by pretty quickly and today I have been able to sit back and really appreciate how lucky I am to be able to do this challenge without the help of so many people this would still just be an Idea, I can’t name them all however Rick, Mary, Will and Alex have been phenomenal without them this just would never of got to this point! Penny and Big Jim Carly’s parents have been so incredibly supportive of me even after everything they are going through they still do loads for me which I am so great full for. Mumbles, Carly’s brother is amazing at motivating both myself and more importantly Carly which I know she really appreciates!¬† Alexa my Physio has literally kept me from falling apart¬† And to everyone else that I haven’t mentioned I would just like to thank you now while I have the time all the support has been out of this world and I am eternally grateful.


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