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April Update
Sorry for being a little late with the April update have just been waiting on more news and time to write it.

Carly was making excellent progress with her extra physio paid for from her trust fund last month. She was working hard on controlling her arms and her left arm was definitely starting to develop bicep muscle and show controlled movement upwards towards her face. However trouble with her wheelchair had caused a red mark on her and Carly was confined to bed rest for 3 weeks during which time she could not do any physio and the progress was slowed down.

We are now waiting to here final news of when Carly might be coming home. May is the month but she has only now just moved into the flat in the hospital with Nelly and Penny to try out living in a home environment and managing without nursing care.

The wheelchair saga of finding a wheelchair with the right size back to support Carly has proved to be a major issue, which has gone on for months. Carly is insisting on having a wheelchair that she can eventually propel herself but the hospital have not been keen to support her and finding a light weight slim backed wheelchair has been a major issue.

Penny and James’s home in Crantock is currently being adapted with the delivery of equipment to support Carly. This in itself is a difficult thing to deal with as Carly will be coming home to a different environment than the home she left 6 months ago and the home coming is set to be very emotional for all those involved.

When Carly comes home the hospital has decided that her support shall be Care in the Community as opposed to National Health Care. This devastating news means that Carly will receive no Physio support from National Health support services as the hospital does not believe that physio will help her condition.

This has been traumatic news and so it is even more important that we continue to work hard to raise funds so we can give her the physio she needs and enjoys.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE encourage more people to become members of the

200 Club

We currently have 46 members and have raised over £200 from the last two draws with two lucky winners winning around £100 each

We have also had great success with the Carly Taylor Fighting back T shirt. This was started as an experiment but the first batch sold like hot cakes. We are currently looking at ways of marketing the t – shirts successfully but if you are interested please contact us through the contact email address.

The t – shirts have Carly’s bright pink logo on the front and come in small medium and large. We must put an image on the website for you all to see.

Finally a big thank you to all those who continue to raise funds for Carly.

Becci Leffen, Carly’s college friend, who is now a teacher at Bexley Grammar School Kent, has raised £111 with her tutor group with a raffle.

Others are running marathons raising money for Carly and Spinal research.

We cannot give up if we are to help Carly and her family through the hard times ahead.

Coming shortly will be coming news of the Crantock Bale Push – a real team competition. Alongside this we have the Raffle for Rehab which is bringing in much needed funds with fantastic prizes to be won.

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