Update | February 2012

To Nelly on completing the mammoth 7 marathons in 7 days – what a truly stunning achievement.
Friends and family had congregated at Odstock hospital to await his arrival.

Carly waited outside and was in her best sweatshirt – Nellie’s NO 1 Fan – see the photo in the gallery, she looked beautiful and it was great to see these two together again

For everyone this was an emotional finish to an amazing week.

Nellie and his amazing back up crew had done a tremendous job. Nellie arrived still in one piece, looking forward to his ice bath!!! He and his back up crew had collected approximately £1000 during the week in donations

Carly is certainly ready to get out of Odstock hospital and is making good progress but it will be a while before she can escape!!! She has more movement in her left hand and is now able to sit up in her wheelchair.

The funds raised are already being used; Carly has been receiving extra physio sessions from Michael Newman, a physiotherapist who specialises in spinal injuries. She enjoys working with him as he really motivates her.

The support for the trust fund has been staggering and every week it continues to grow with more donations coming in from all different sources.

Don’t miss your chance to become a member of the 200 club

Information is now on line as how to join. First draw will be at the end of March so get you standing order working by
March 15th to have a chance of becoming the 1st lucky winner

Finally just a massive thanks to you all for your fabulous support. For all those who are near and dear to Carly it has been a week of great emotions to see the number of people who have turned out to give their support.

Carly Taylor is certainly Fighting Back with everyone supporting her all the way!

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