Update | January 2012

January 2012
It is 12 weeks since Carly’s accident. For most of that time she has been laid down flat in bed to give her injured spinal cord time to repair after her fall and the operation on her vertebrae.

Over the last week Carly has gradually spent time in a wheelchair and she is gradually getting used to being sat up again.

The physio she is working with this week has detected movement in her triceps, which is great news

On Wednesday Jan 25th she had some electric impulse therapy to stimulate her responses and now she is able to straighten her right hand a little. She was able to wave to Penny and James via Facetime. She was also able to use an I – Pad to punch out a message to friends on Facebook thanking them for all the work they are doing to help raise funds.

Carly is a fighter and all the brilliant support she is receiving is helping her and her family stay positive. Improvements may be small but they are improvements and this is just the start of Carly fighting back.
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Big Thanks

The response to Carly’s fundraising campaign has been staggering
We have had Gloucester University organise two big events. Glad to say Alana Riley the Netball Captain won I am a Captain Get Me Out of Here – Go the Netball Girls!!
Another ex Gloucester Netball Captain Becci Leffen is now a teacher in a school in Bexley South London
Her Year 10 form is going to organise a school raffle to raise funds
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Coming up soon

Lewys Whyman is hoping to organise a sponsored walk from Lands End to Plymouth

Andrew Lane who was also at University with Carly and Nelly is awaiting the start of the 200 Club and wants to know how his girlfriend who is running a marathon can set about raising funds

We are just in the process of organising a logo for the Trust Fund so we will be able to offer sponsorship forms very soon. We will also be issuing information on how to become a member of the 200 Club to get your chance to be a possible £500 winner each month
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