Update | March 2012

March 2012
Carly has been having treatment from a specialist physio who is working intensively with her to get more movement into her arms. Her left arm is stronger than her right but working with Michael Newman is helping her to develop more control of her biceps in both arms.

Progress is slow and hard but Carly is working hard – up to 5 hours a day on occasions to really develop any movement that she has.

The Trust Fund money has been paying for this extra physio so its great that all the support that Carly has had is being put to great use.

The hospital is also giving her more physio so as well as her electric pulse treatment she now has sessions on the motorised hand and leg bikes. These help her move her muscles and Carly can add resistance so that she is working those muscles harder.

Carly is now in a wheelchair for part of each day which is still uncomfortable but she is persevering and eventually will have a wheel chair fitted specifically for her needs.

She is resisting the use of an electric wheelchair, as she wants to be able to push herself. This is in conflict with the hospital but in true fighting form Carly is fighting back the way she wants it

200 Club – The 1st 200 Club draw takes place next Tuesday- March 27th currently there are 42 members which means one lucky person will be winning £105

We had hoped that the 200 Club would generate a bigger income to pay for the extra treatment that Carly wants. It is still not too late for you to join and me in April’s draw. Please see the details of how to draw under the 200 Club tab on the main site,

If all 40 members could find another 2 people to join we would be well on our way to the number needed to make this a real success.
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Saints Cake Stall – Saints Netball Junior Squads had a cake stall at the last Junior League of the season. The youngsters baked the cakes and their mums ran the stall – a real team effort in true Saints style. The stall raised £154 for Carly’s Trust Fund.

Carlytaylorfightingback t shirts Saints Netball Club have also organised Carly fighting back t shirts using her website logo. These were on sale for £5 and were selling like hotcakes

Anyone wishing to buy t shirts for a fundraising event can make contact via the contact form on the website home page

The day was rounded of with great wins for Saints Netball Squads.
The U12s won the U12 league & Saints Comets won the U14 league and Saints Stars – all U13s came 3rd in the U14 league

Raffle for Rehab The cake stall also sold Raffle for Rehab tickets. This is the massive raffle, which is to be drawn in September at the Crantock bale push. Prizes are amazing and well worth the £1 price. If you are interested in buying tickets or entering a team in the bale push –look on the Raffle for Rehab Facebook site or make contact through the contact form on the main home site.

This will be a great fun day so come on down to Crantock and enter a team – its for men and women so why not have a go?

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